Teaching and Workshops

I have contributed regularly to the trainings at the Society of Analytical Psychology since 2000, and currently teach seminars on the subjects of 'Borderline States of Mind' and 'Working with Psychosis' to the Adult Analytic Training, and 'Difficult Patients and Difficult Treatments' to the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training. I also contribute to the training programmes offered by the British Jungian Analytic Association and the West Midlands Insitute of Psychotherapy.

I taught on all the training courses offered by what is now the University of Hertfordshire, (formerly Hertfordshire College of Art and Design) between 1987-91, and contributed regularly to the Masters' training programmes in Art Therapy at Roehampton University, London and Crawford College of Art, Cork for many years.

I offer:

Lectures and Talks:  formal lectures, talks and conference papers for professional audiences.

Examples include

'Regression and Intensive Analysis' annual talk to Foundations Course, Society of Analytical Psychology

August 2013 'Soundless Screaming: Psychotic Anxiety and Analytic Containment' paper delivered to the Congress of the IAAP in Copenhagen

January 2017 'Art Making as Counter Cultural Activity in Tyrannical States of Mind' Winter Medical Psychotherapy Trainees and Trainers Conference

Clinical Seminars: clinical discussion groups, based on a specific theme, in which participants present clinical material for consideration by the group in relation to the theme.


themed experiential workshops for groups of trainees and/or professionals